My goal with this blog is to inform as many people as I can about health, natural healing, fitness and reaching optimal health.  The world we live in today exposes us to toxic and poisonous chemicals and there are many things we can do to reduce our level of toxicity but there are many things that are out of our realm of control.  We ingest toxic chemicals in the food and water we consume and the air we breathe.  We are exposed to toxic environmental chemicals and poisons every day at our house, job, from our cars and just by living in the world we have created.  No one on this planet can avoid these toxins no matter where they live.  If we let these damaging disease-causing toxins to settle in our bodies and build up, they will cause irritation, inflammation, diseases and early death.  In order to survive in our modern times we have to cleanse and detoxify our bodies.  Cleansing and detoxifying our bodies will aid in the healing of chronic illnesses and disease.  Cleansing and detoxifying along with pure water, fresh juices, raw foods, exercise, stretching and with a few more easy changes that will be covered in this blog we can achieve  the one thing that every human on this planet deserves, optimal health.  The first step is to realize and understand that the way we live is damaging to not only ourselves but our future generations as well as others around the world.  I have been blessed with the information and the eyes to see this very clearly and I want with all of my heart to share it with anyone and everyone that is willing to listen and learn.  The hardest part of spreading this information is that everyone is so entrenched in falsehoods and misinformation that the truth sounds extreme and radical. We have strayed so far away from our natural way of living as humans that the truth is now hard to accept. I am speaking out of personal experience of living a degenerate lifestyle and getting extremely sick then taking the steps to regain my health and vitality and continuing to live a healthy lifestyle. I truly feel that I went through the process of being sick and dying and healing myself so that I could teach others to do the same. I spent thousands of hours of researching natural healing, nutrition, herbs, juicing, fitness, and meditation.  I am also currently enrolled as a student at The University and College of Natural Health with a focus on obtaining a Doctorate of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition and Hygiophysician.  Studying bleak survival rates for cancer patients who undergo harsh medical treatments reminded me of how I was able to heal myself with miraculous results.  It became clear that what I learned could help so many others in similar declining health situations and those who are facing fatal prognosis.  Though my studies will be ongoing indefinitely, what I’ve learned and witnessed through the practice of these detoxification programs so far has proven that people can heal themselves of anything. Keep an open mind about the information offered on this blog because it could help save your life or the life of one of your loved ones.  If you are older than 30 I know you are starting to feel the effects of living the average American lifestyle and are noticing that your friends and family members are having diseases pop up and take over their lives.  Some diseases seem manageable with medications so we accept it like we do with many aspects of our life.  We should not settle for anything less than a fit and thriving body because without your health you have nothing, and this was something I had to learn the hard way.  If you have children like me, you want the best for your children. Fast food and all of that processed junk food that they eat is already setting them up for disease in the future.  Make the decision to be healthy and help your family and friends to be healthy and don’t settle for the average American diseased lifestyle start making changes that will lengthen your life and create powerful health and vitality at levels you never thought possible.


What are your thoughts?

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