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Take Responsibility for your health

Everyone is taught early in life that healing or getting better when your sick is a matter of finding the right cure for their disease or health situation and this cure would either be a chemical drug and the drug would be in the form of a pill or an injection.  People who want to look into natural methods are looking for the same thing except it’s some sort of natural drug or natural pill or even natural injection they are trying to find to cure them.  Most of the time they looked into natural methods only because the many different medical drugs had already failed.  They still have the mainstream medical mentality.  You can’t have a medical mentality when taking the natural approach because if you do you will end up just as disappointed as you were with the doctors.  Unfortunately most of what we know about health has been from advertisements of the dairy, beef, and junk food industries.  Most of what we know about disease is just an assault of magazine and television ads from pharmaceutical companies.  Basically it was all told to us by someone who is just trying to sell us something.  Not something that will work and make you healthy, but something to cover up the symptoms.  So the information will come to us distorted and most of the time be completely false.  At the same time there is no point in sitting around playing the blame game.  It’s your body you have to educate yourself and take responsibility for you and your disease or health problem, this is the foundation of natural healing and this is the mentality that will actually get results.  Stop making yourself a victim and depending on someone else to fix your problems.  You created this unhealthy body.  Your level of health is the direct result of how your body, mind and spirit are responding to the lifestyle and environment that you created for yourself.  Here are some things to consider when  looking at  what your level of health may be.

  1.  What you take in: The quality of the air that you breathe, the liquids that you drink and the foods that you eat.
  2. What you get out: The function of and how efficient your elimination organs are removing and expelling toxins and waste.
  3. How much you move and circulate: The movement of your body to keep it toned and flexible with the proper circulation to help eliminate toxins and waste.
  4. Your lifestyle: The way that you live, work and have fun.
  5. Your emotional and spiritual state: Is your attitude positive or negative?  Do you have harmful emotional and spiritual habits?
  6. Your inherited disposition: Your physical, spiritual and emotional disposition inherited from your parents, and what you decide to do about it.

All of these factors establish your level of health.  Your entire body has the ability to completely rebuild itself in less than 2 years.  98% in less than a year.  You can have a new brain in 1 year, new blood in 4 months, a new skeleton in 3 months, new DNA in 2 months, a new liver in 6 weeks, new skin in 1 month and new stomach lining in 5 days!!!   Why would you keep making the same choices and continue declining in health? Getting back to health from a disease is not that hard, yes it’s a process but you have to quit doing everything that is making you ill and unhealthy and begin new healthy lifestyle habits that will build powerful health and healing.

If you really want to get healthy I mean truly want it not just kind of want it or you think about it a couple of times a year, if you want it you have to take responsibility for your situation, this is the basis of natural healing and health.  Responsibility literally translates to the ability to respond.  You have to start holding yourself accountable for everything that enters and exits your body, mind and spirit.  So stop thinking that your disease or condition can be healed with some drugs or possibly radiation or surgery.  Don’t imagine that you can be healed without participating or making any lifestyle changes, not changing your routine, not living healthy, not having nutritional support and without cleansing and detoxifying your body.  You can’t just live your life-like you have been and expect to get any results.  You can’t tear your body down for 30 + years and think you will be cured without doing anything.  When you go to the doctor there is little or no responsibility involved.  You leave it up to them  to decide your fate.  They tell you the name of the disease you have based on your symptoms that are also backed up by blood tests, CT scans and MRI’s or any other test they may do.  Doctors do well at this and are somewhat accurate. Then they give you a prognosis which is just a  prediction of what they think is the outcome of the disease and an educated guess of your chances for recovering.  And recovery statistics are largely skewed do to the fact that when people with a disease die they die technically of another reason. For instance liver failure was the cause of death and the disease that was present in their body that caused the liver failure is taken out of the equation.

Orthodox medicine frequently uses clever definitions to hide their real goals and the ineffectiveness of their treatments.  Lets say for instance you have a lung tumor and the doctor tells you that you that you will need to do chemotherapy and there is about a 67% response rate and then we will follow-up with radiation and that will give us roughly another 13% response rate so overall we get about an 80% response rate with this type of cancer.  Response rate is not the same as survival rate.  The survival rate in this situation sadly is really less than 3% and after 7 years less than 1%.  So what if the tumor shrinks 30% or even 80%, if it reaches metastasis or spreads in the body this is what usually kills a person.  The word play can be dangerous so listen carefully to the way your doctor speaks to you about an illness or disease.   So after you hear your prognosis you trust your doctor and the response rate sounds good to you because you don’t know anything about what I mentioned above and you agree.  Sadly 95% of cancer patients who seek out alternative methods of healing have already undergone significant orthodox treatments before turning to natural healing.  A doctors prognosis is probably right if they are sticking to the facts but the doctor is banking on the fact that you are an average person.  Well the average person in america will consume 170 lbs of refined white sugar, 300 sodas, 400 candy bars and 500 doughnuts a year.  They eat over 12 3,000 lb cows, six pigs, 3,000 chickens and other birds, 3,000 various fish and other sea creatures and 30,000 quarts of milk in their lifespan.  Come up 70,000 bowel movements short in their life.  They will have high blood pressure, take over 30,000 aspirin and different painkillers in their lifespan plus 20,000 over-the-counter and prescription drugs.  Drink over 2,000 gallons of alcohol.  With a negative self-image and repeat episodes of anxiety and depression.  Their body, mind and spirit are overwhelmed and sick.  If this is you then the doctor is absolutely right.  But lets say that you chose to stop being the average American and started being above average.  If you take responsibility right now and get off your ass and start a new healthy life for yourself you can reverse ANY illness or disease.

When healing naturally you have to know that you are going to do all the work.  Don’t get down on yourself and whine & complain or feel sorry for yourself. You are just making yourself a victim and this attitude will not help you return to good health.  Instead make the decision that you want to live and become passionate about living and make changes that will improve your health and I promise you if you do the right things and eliminate the causes of your illnesses you will get results. If you need help finding out what the right things are look at the rest of this blog, also check out my other pages on Facebook, Twitter, or ask questions in the comments box and I will gladly steer you in the direction of extremely credible natural healing and health information as well as share my own personal miracle/natural healing experiences.

The true definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get different results.  Make the changes necessary and stop doing all of the things that are causing you to have disease and killing you! When you remove the causes of disease, healing will begin to take place in the body. Your body is a magnificently designed masterpiece of self regulation and self healing, always striving to establish and maintain purity and wellness but it needs your help to get well. If you take responsibility for your health, your body can heal itself of anything!


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