Cleansing & Detoxification

Take a deep breath of fresh pollution

Why should you consider Cleansing & Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body, neutralizing or transforming them, and eliminating built-up waste, dirt, mucous, sludge, pus, fluids, toxic chemicals, poisons and any harmful residues from the body.  All of this waste can hide in your fat, muscles, organs, cells and even in the many different spaces between organs in the body.  There are two sources the all of these toxins come from.  The first source is the waste that is generated from the natural metabolic functions of your body.  The second source is from the direct ingestion of toxic chemicals from the food and water you consume every day, the air you breathe, drug prescription and street drug use, and chemical & environmental exposure in our homes, offices, cars and just by living in the world today. Internally, fats, especially oxidized or hydrogenated fats and cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules act as toxins.  Poor digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all contribute to increased toxicity.  No matter where the toxins originate, every person on this planet now has unwanted, and potentially harmful disease-causing waste and toxins in their body.  If the toxins and waste are allowed to build up and remain there, it will cause irritation, inflammation, congestion, scarring, illness, disease and also death.

So where are all of  these toxins coming from?

The first source: Just by living your body creates metabolic waste.  Every organ and cell in your body need fuel to function and operate.  Things like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, protein, sugar and fat.  Then every organ and cell in your body consumes the fuel, and then functions or does its job it produces some sort of metabolic waste. Your body has to then eliminate this waste regularly as fecal matter through your bowel, urine from your kidneys, bile and liquid toxins from your liver, sweat through your skin, carbon dioxide from your lungs and waste from your blood that is picked up and removed by the lymphatic system.  Your body is constantly eliminating solid, liquid and gaseous waste.

The second source: Assimilation and absorption of toxins and poisons from the environment. We take in the toxic chemicals from direct exposure to them, from consuming food, drinking water and breathing air.  Since world war 2 there have been over 100,000 new chemicals developed and less than 2% of them have been studied for safety.

Food: According to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the average american shopping cart has well over 100 highly toxic chemicals in it.  Fast food, microwave food, canned food, frozen food, flash frozen food, processed packaged food, and convenience food at one point was only thought of as being used for disaster survival food or for space travel, it has now turned in to the largest portion of the american diet.  Raw, fresh food is almost non-existent.  Since all modern food is not fresh it’s filled with flavor enhancers, chemical preservatives and artificial colors, sweeteners and additives, and the list of added chemicals in food is almost endless.  You will find on almost all the food in the grocery stores a long list of ridiculous chemical and garbage ingredients that are usually ten times longer than the main ingredient.  That doesn’t include the thousands and thousands of chemicals used in the farming, production, preservation and packaging of all of this food.  In the last 100 years we have consumed all of these toxic disease-causing even lethal amounts of tens of thousands of chemicals while at the same time seeing the disease rates of every known disease as well as many new diseases go through the roof.

Water: In your every morning ten minute shower, your body absorbs the same amount of chlorine as if you drank 20 gallons of tap water!  It has been declared that there is no water left anywhere on the entire planet that does not contain industrial wastes and highly toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and disease-causing chemicals, from industrial transformer PCB’s to the residues from the 10,000 and growing different pharmaceutical drugs.

Air: Recently an EPA study concluded that the air inside American homes is 70 times more polluted than outdoor air, and that toxic fumes from common household cleaners cause cancer.  Here are just a couple of Toxins in the air you are breathing right now: carbon monoxide, lead, ash, soot, ozone, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides, insecticides, herbicides and dust from fertilizers and pesticides.  The air that we breathe today  has less oxygen in it today that ever before in our history, and also has the highest concentration of pollution and chemical emissions than ever before in history.

Environmental: Our environment is filled with poisons from farming chemicals to industrial chemicals and manufacturing chemicals that are used to make everything from homes, to almost everything inside our homes like rugs, furniture, the clothes we wear, cleaning chemicals.  The new car smell that everyone loves when they buy a new care is the smell of over 1,000 toxic chemicals that are used to manufacture the car.  We are literally completely surrounded by poison everywhere we go.  Even organically grown herbs, after being harvested are gassed with a highly toxic antibacterial disinfectant called ethylene oxide (ETO), which is a known toxic chemical carcinogen and mutagen.  Even after that the herbs can still be labeled organic and organically grown, because the ETO was sprayed on after they were grown and harvested.  So even when you do the right thing and try to make the right choices, you might still be getting poisoned by consuming organic products, just less poisoned.  Now plastic has become such a problem that we have a giant plastic island called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, it was estimated that the mass of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 100 million tons of plastic and is twice the size of Hawaii or another comparison twice the size of Texas.

Heavy Metals: These can come from many different sources.  A lot of people have mercury contamination just from seafood consumption or old Being exposed and contaminated by toxic poisons and chemicals is a fact of life, especially in America.  In the future I hope you will be a little more aware of what you consume, purchase and surround yourself with.  Organic farming and food industry, recycling and other green projects are not just new fads but they are literally our last hope of providing a solution to the continuing contamination and pollution or our planet, and protecting our children and grandchildrens future.  Now that I shared all of this with you don’t get overly paranoid.  I feel there is some hope but we should not just ignore the facts and pretend that we are not being poisoned on a daily basis just by living.tooth fillings, or from childhood immunizations and flu shots that were preserved with mercury.  Everyone has been exposed to lead from lead paints, Christmas tree tinsel, electrical chords, and many other things.  Radioactive materials from X-rays, and even worse are CT scans.  CT scans and MRIs, microwave ovens.  An average CT scan has the same radiation exposure as 442 chest X-rays and every year leads to 15,000 deaths from cancer in the US alone, and it causes 30,000 new cases of cancer yearly, which makes CT scans one of the highest causes of cancer in America. Speaking of medical care the United States isn’t even in the top 15 countries in the world for longevity and lifespan and we spend more money annually on medical care than any other country in the world.

Being exposed and contaminated by toxic and poisonous chemicals is just a fact of life, especially modern American life. From now on be more conscious of what you consume, both into your body and what you buy and surround yourself with. Going Organic and Recycling aren’t just hip fads. They provide us with a solution to the continuous contamination and poisoning of the planet, and help protect our children’s and grandchildren’s future. 



What are your thoughts?

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