Fresh juice is the  fastest and most natural way to build up healthy blood.  The concentrated amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other life-giving nutrients in fresh juices assimilate very easily and quickly into the blood. The nutrients in juice can even be assimilated in your mouth and be infused into your cells within seconds and rapidly travel to every organ and cell in your body.  Fresh juice also detoxifies your body in a couple ways. It does this by stimulating your elimination organs like your liver, gallbladder, kidneys and intestines to eliminate waste faster. It also cleanses, detoxifies and heals all these organs at the same time.  Fresh Fruit and vegetable juice is very alkalizing, cleansing and detoxifying to your blood. It facilitates the speed and ability of your white blood cells, like macrophages, to rid your body tissues of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and harmful pathogenic microorganisms, even malignant cancer cells! I like to call it juice flushing instead of fasting, fasting is a process of starving yourself where as juice flushing is a process of  dissolving toxins and flushing them away, but call it whatever you want. When you begin juice flushing for  5 days or more your body goes into whats called autolysis or auto-digestion. While in autolysis the body will self digest the most inferior and impure matter and metabolic wastes like fat deposits, abscesses  dead and dying cells, bumps, damaged tissue, calluses, growths, and amazingly like stated before, various kinds of neoplasms (tumors). New cell growth is stimulated and accelerated as the required proteins are synthesized from decomposed cells during autolysis so your blood protein level remains normal throughout your juice flush, while your body very smartly uses protein and other stored nutrients where needed. Your need for protein drops to 15 to 20 grams a day during a flush and this is quite sufficient while juice flushing. Otto Buchinger M.D. of Germany supervised over 100,000 juice flushes and concluded in his book called Fasting the Buchinger Method that flushing gives your digestive system a rest. Fresh fruit and veggie juices require little digestion.  All the juices are assimilated by your upper digestive tract which is perfect for sick people who have limited digestive and assimilation abilities. I personally maintained a 1 year juice fast without supervision which I would not suggest to anyone especially to someone without extensive juicing knowledge.  I did have extensive juicing knowledge and an amazing program to follow. I only ate three times for a month at a time for that whole year, only eating fruits and veggies when I did eat. My energy levels were through the roof at almost all times. Juice fasting for a year is extreme and most of the time not necessary but for me it was an uplifting and amazing experience and necessary for my situation to heal.

Blood Transfusion Juice

Owning a juicer to heal yourself naturally of any disease is imperative and extremely critical no matter what natural program you are going to follow. Juicing is also very important for health building.  But if you are sick and you don’t have the money to buy a juicer sell something. Sell your T.V.. Sell your furniture and sit on your floor. Sell your car and walk or ride a bike. Whatever you have to sell to get one sell it and do not live another day without a juicer.

I am asked often “What kind of juicer should I buy”. My opinion on juicers is that if it spins fast its a low-grade juicer. The friction from the fast spinning blade heats the fruits and vegetables and introduces air into the process and the juice is losing valuable healing enzymes and nutrients in the process. These are called centrifugal juicers. There are so many options and budget is always an issue. I’ll start with the cheaper brands of juicers which are also the less nutrient producing. The Omega single auger juicers start around $250 and do not give as many nutrients as a Champion juicer but are still efficient and have slow-moving parts. These are also good at doing soft fruits and veggies. The Champion juicer is a great juicer and will last a lifetime and maybe more and cost about $220 to $250 depending on where you buy. My problem with the Champion juicer is that it doesn’t do wheat grass there is a separate attachment but that’s also more money. Wheat grass juicing is very important to those with cancer especially. The one thing about it I like a lot is that it juices fruits very well which some others have problems with especially the softer ones. The next kind of juicer is my overall favorites because of its ability to deliver nutrients and it will last forever also.  The Greenstar Elite GSE 5000 model uses powerful but slowly turning precision magnetic twin gears. There is only minimal heat generation in the juice, thus delaying oxidation.Greenstar Elite GSE 5000jumbotwingears The conical twin gears turn into one another like gear wheels and gently extract the juice. Bio-magnets have been integrated into the conical twin gears to optimize the juice quality by ionically pulling more minerals into the juice while increasing the minerals’ bio-availability  This means that your body can more effectively absorb and utilize the dissolved minerals. This juicer produces 75% to 225% more nutrients than other juicers of its kind on the market. It costs about $529 right now.  The other Greenstar models like the GS 1000, GS 2000, and GS 3000 are also great juicers and have the same twin gears but smaller but they still offer from 75% to 200% more juice than other juicers of its kind on the market for $465 for the GS 1000, $489 for the GS 2000 and $499 for the GS 3000.  The only difference between them are the extra attachments that come with them. The Norwalk Juicer named after the Natural Healer Norman walker is the best. This type of juicer grates the substance to be juiced first, then presses it hydraulically.  This type of juicer does get more essential nutrients out of the fruits or vegetables juiced and is better but the cost of this type of juicer is anywhere from $1,000 to $2000! Many people recommend getting the Vita-mix which is similar to a high-speed industrial blender. They say this blender is a juicer that makes total juice by liquifying fruits and vegetables with added water. You are drinking the liquid and the pulp. This is still a very nutritious way to get raw foods into your body.  I love the Vita-mix blenders and I use mine all the time for my raw food programs but not when I am doing a juice flush because it is not a juicer.

Whether juicing is natural or not is somewhat worth arguing, let me explain. It’s not natural because by extracting the juice from a fruit or a vegetable you are making a highly concentrated substance…a medicine, and doing this isn’t truly natural. It is no longer in its whole natural state. But neither is the way we live now and neither is the ways that we have abused our bodies for the past 20 to 60 years.  Life as we live it is no longer natural. We are bombarded daily with large amounts of toxic chemicals in the food that we eat, the air that we breathe and the liquids that we drink.  We have gone too far in the direction of  living a decadent life, a life that degenerates our bodies, causes premature aging and creates diseases. A life that kills a body that is designed to live 100, 300??? years, in only 50 to 70 years. With juicing you are going in the opposite direction, the direction of health, vitality and longevity. A little bit unnaturally but on the positive side by extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Never underestimate the power of fresh juices. There are many internationally famous cancer clinics that have their patients drink 3 quarts of fresh juice a day and have amazing results curing disease. 

Excuses not to juice can be endless. Some people say, “What about the sugars in juice?” I can understand the concern if you are diabetic and know nothing about juicing and natural healing. Don’t let questions like this stop you. One of the best and fastest ways to heal diabetes is with juice flushing. One thing you can do is dilute your fresh juices 50/50 with water. This will make them easier to digest and assimilate,and easier on your body’s metabolism. I often do this when juice flushing especially with fruits but be sure to still get a few raw veggie juices in a day. Another excuse could be “I can’t find organic fruits and veggies”. There is no doubt about it that organic fruits and vegetables have 4 to 10 times more nutrition in them, have no harmful agricultural chemical residues on them like pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, and support a cleaner and more sustainable Earth. Even then don’t let that stop you just get the best produce you can and start juicing because it’s still better than not juicing when you have  a disease that threatens your life. So toss the excuses and juice for health!

Help your kids to start loving juices too. Kids who haven’t had fresh juices and have been drinking sodas and junk drinks mast of their lives will usually shy away from a fresh pressed juice, especially a glass of carrot, beet juice. The best thing you can do with kids is to get them involved with the juice making process because this is fun to most kids it’s almost like a science experiment. Then once they are interested have them try a fresh apple juice or orange juice which almost everyone loves.  Then after a while you can do a 90% apple 10% carrot. They will love it and barely even notice the carrot flavor. Keep going up from there but go slowly because once you push a kid too far and break them it can be hard to earn their trust and confidence back. If adding the veggies doesn’t work then stick with the fruit. Almost every body likes fruit juice.

If you are just juicing to build health and are already healthy I would recommend getting in a quart a day of fresh juice.  This will give your body large amounts of nutrients that it cannot assimilate by just eating food while also cleansing, detoxifying and flushing the body. Juice for health, juice for life!


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