Pure Water

water-heart1.jpgYour body is made up of 85% liquid and your brain is 75% liquid. Your are like a big water balloon. Take away the water in your body, and all that’s left is a few pounds of bones and ash.  Constipation, high blood pressure, kidney and liver disease, colds, cancer, your body is assisted in healing all diseases immediately just by drinking more water every day.  You lose about a quart of water a day just by breathing and this water must be replenished. Pure water flushes waste, poisons and toxins from your entire system. Drinking more water also reduces your risk of developing cancer and heart disease.  By beginning to drink more pure water every day, you assist your body in building the fluids it needs to thrive, like blood and lymphatic fluid. It also assists your body to eliminate waste and toxins. Just make sure its pure water that has been filtered and NOT tap water which contains many things that are harmful.  Water is considered the universal solvent, and it tends to attract and absorb many things that it comes into contact with. Most scientists agree that the entire world’s water source is polluted with industrial chemicals. I know that is hard to believe, but many very toxic and poisonous industrial pollutants are now found in water samples taken from around the entire Earth.  Cleaning up the world’s water supply is not an issue I want to touch on but getting pure water into your body to heal yourself is.  I shouldn’t have to convince you that the tap water in your house or anywhere is unfit to drink from added chlorine and other disinfectants, added fluoride made from waste aluminum, the supposed acceptable levels of the industrial pollutants, agricultural pollutants, insecticides and pesticides. Chlorination, the most widely used method of killing bacteria in water, is known to produce serious carcinogenic residues, including dioxin. Studies have shown that the risk of bladder cancer is doubled if you drink chlorine treated water. Chlorination also destroys vitamin E in the body, which can lead to heart problems and has been linked to clogged arteries. Your tap water basically contains all of the chemicals that have leaked from manufacturing for the last 150 years all over the planet.  It doesn’t matter where you live or what your local water company is saying, even well water has PCB’s and other industrial contaminants in it that are well-known to cause cancer and hundreds of other diseases.  Pure water coming from the ground is no longer a reality.

The best water to drink is water that has been purified. Distilled and reverse osmosis water are the two cleanest types of purification available. They also happen to be the best for cleansing and detoxifying the body. The distilled or reverse osmosis water is empty water and it seeks to dissolve and attract impurities out of your body. It also happens to be the best water to use when making herbal teas because it will dissolve and accept more of the phytochemicals from the plant material which means it makes a stronger herbal tea. You can buy a water distiller and make distilled water yourself. They cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and take a bit of time to operate and clean. Reverse osmosis is just as clean as distilled possibly even cleaner and more empty than distilled when high-end equipment is used. These systems cost a few hundred up to a thousand dollars and hook up right under your sink. You only have to replace the filters/parts once a year with no regular maintenance. Simple charcoal water filters are also effective at removing most poisons and most contaminants from water but if you are serious about your water being clean I would definitely recommend getting either a distiller or a reverse osmosis system.

It is important to do the best you can every day to drink chemical-free and bacteria-free water. This is the first step in getting well, drinking clean, pure water. Water is the universal solvent. It dissolves waste in your body and helps to flush you clean. It replenishes and lubricates your body. A good goal is to drink at least one quart of pure water every day.


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